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Gino Bosi - Pittore
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Gino Bosi is a painter who, since some years, has moved from Pavia's province to Centola. Coming from a damp earth, flood of vapors in the cold seasons, he has chosen a more solar earth, sensual, with a long summer season. Here he has found the light, the colors that characterize his works. The artist has made this choice of life after having visited almost all the Italian coasts. He preferred Cilento for the green, the nature, the beauty of the landscape. Among his compositions prickly pears, brooms, trees, flowers, "alive nature", as he loves to define them, landscapes that have, almost always, the sea in the background; but figures and still life don't miss. A spontaneous art that transmits the aesthetical impressions and the emotions of the artist. An art that doesn't carry out experiments, doesn't follow the fashions, but that gives us pictures done on the easel, after having filtered them through the eyes and the spirit. An art that transmits us the vision of a world exalted by light and color. In this, but also in the coherence of the tonal choices and in the constructive completeness, you can find the poetic suggestion of its works.